I love rulebooks…it’s official

8 09 2009

As I’ve hinted at before, I love rulebooks. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy to role-play and a factor in me deciding to GM.

As I decided to analyse the situation, I’ve broken down my love affair into its constituent parts. Why? Because I can. 

  1. I love the artwork. It would take a very good book indeed to get me to part with my money if there weren’t lots of lovely pictures included. Images don’t make up for a poor game – but the book with the better artwork will get me to spend my money first. 
  2. I adore the feel of books. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be an adult rated post. What I mean is, despite all the reasons why PDF’s make sense (the environment, reduced costs etc.) I just can’t read a rule-book on a screen. When I buy stuff as a PDF, I invariably print a copy off at some point. I can’t help it. 
  3. If I love rulebooks, I love creating characters even more. And the more systems I own, the more characters I can create. Sad but so very, very true.

If I look a little deeper (and more logically) I would add the following: 

  • I love to find the game with the perfect mechanics. Every game seems to have one aspect that I adore and one that I detest. In the perfect RPG that exists in my head, I would pull parts from all the games I know. And one day I hope to stumble into a gaming shop and see this book on the shelf.
  • I can always use something from a rulebook in existing games. It could be a house-rule, or an idea for an NPC, an encounter, a cool item, or any number of other things. I get inspiration from everywhere.

This is why I had, and have again, many systems on my shelf that I’ll probably never play, or will play so infrequently as to make the cost of the books not cost effective. Do I care? As I gaze upon the lovely titles on the shelves situated behind me, I have to say not.




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