About to boldly go

13 09 2009

In two days time, I will be GMing my first game in more years than the average student has been on this planet.

Am I daunted?  Yes and no.  In one sense it is a little nerve-racking.  I’ve chosen Pathfinder for a number of reasons:

  1. It is in one sense a brand new game and so I am able to be the expert on this system.
  2. I really like the game (more of that later).
  3. The players are eager to role-play this particular game.

The downside is that the players have been playing D&D 3.5 for many years and the mechanics are essentially similar.  As a non-3.5 player, this is the one aspect that is giving me a little concern.

The main reason I am less stressed than I otherwise might be is that I am better prepared than I ever was when I GMed before.

ROTR BOI am using a pre-generated campaign – Rise of the Runelords (I’ll review it fully at a later date).

The reasons for my current confidence include:

I have access so much technology.  Character sheets have been completed via email, I’ve produced handouts etc. already and created my own GM screen (as the Paizo offering isn’t out yet).

Paizo have made the campaign so beautifully and I’ve also invested in the map folio.  With the depth of information about Sandpoint (the town the first adventure of the campaign is set in) and the plethora or fan documentation on-line, I’ve maps and information about most of the buildings in the town and I can hopefully cope with any player tangent.

Time will tell.  I’ll make my Wednesday blog an update as to how the first night went.

Oddly, it’s quite a large group for me.  There’s a cleric, a sorcerer, a ranger, a rogue, a ranger and a fighter.  The odds are against them all turning up every week – so we’ll have to see how it works.




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