One day to go

14 09 2009

As it’s only a day now until I GM, I thought the next few blogs should be taken up with what I’m doing to prepare and some more insight as to why I’m playing the Pathfinder game.

I’ll start today with the in-depth reasons I’ve chosen Pathfinder. I’ve briefly mentioned that I like it because it’s a ‘brand new game’ and that (most of) the players are eager to role-play this game. I stated that I also happen to like this game – so I think now is a good time to elaborate.

Oddly, I’ll start with a negative. I don’t like AC. There, it’s out in the open. It isn’t logical to me and I’m keen to write a house rule to get around it – but that will be a topic for another day. Now I can focus on the positives.

Firstly I love the genre. As much as I like other RPGs, I love the fantasy setting. And I also really like what Paizo have done with the Golarion setting. This is one world with a diverse landscape. D&D always seemed to me to be many different worlds and felt disparate to me.

I like the fact that the game is a logical development of 3.5 rather than a brand new start. This keeps 3.5 players relatively happy and new players (like me) equally happy.

The classes and skills work for me. Again, they’ve broadly taken what works with the 3.5 game and updated what was broken. Similarly I like the feats and spells etc.

Pathfinder7_PaladinThe intangibles I love include the fact that the game is the product of a massive play test. I know they’ve changed things that they’ve obviously spent a lot of time on because the players tell them it didn’t work.

I love the Core Rulebook and the quality of the artwork. Despite all of those positives, the thing that tipped me towards the game was the quality of the additional resources. The historical sourcebooks have been excellent and the campaigns are truly excellent for me.

The interesting aside is that I’ve never played Pathfinder and now I’m going to GM it. How will it work out? Wait for Wednesday’s blog to find out – and I’ll be able to give honst feedback as to how the game actually plays.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss the sort of house and table rules I’m looking to put in place.




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