Two in one

17 09 2009

I had this blog planned for a while, but some news has forced me to split the blog neatly in two.

First with the news.  As of today, I am formally a member of the RPG Bloggers Network (please see the link on the sidebar).  They can be found at:

If you’re ever stuck for news, inspiration, reviews or just want to be nosey about people who role-play, it’s the site for you.


My original topic was about podcasts.  I have already waxed lyrical about the benefits the Internet has provided the average gamer that simply weren’t around years ago.  Nowhere is this more true than with podcasts.

I currently subscribe to 9.5 podcats.  The 0.5 is one I started listening to and then found out in stopped in 2005. 

In alphabetical order, they are:

  • All Games Considered
  • Atomic Array
  • The Game Master Show
  • Podhammer (Warhammer only)
  • Pulp Gamer (in its four guises)
  • RPG Circus
  • RPG Countdown (a list of what’s selling online)
  • RPG Haven
  • RPG Showcase (the defunct one)
  • 3.5 Private Sanctuary (3.5 and Pathfinder primarily)
  • KnowDirection (an off-shoot of 3.5 Private Sanctuary that’s Pathfinder based.  It’s not iTunes linked as yet so you can only find it via the 3.5 PS website).

As my taste in games is eclectic, so are the podcasts I listen to.  Most are generic and review most systems and discuss generic subjects.  Apart from KnowDirection, they can be found via iTunes – or a Google search for the name will invariably find the website.

Finding them was a haphazard process.  Most I listen to as I heard a trailer on another podcast.  The problem is that the search facility on iTunes Store only finds what people submit.  Some of the above don’t necessarily make it clear what they’re about in a searchable manner.

I’d recommend all of them – but if you want to catch up with some, be prepared to devote months of your life listening.  If you’ve never listed to a role-playing podcast before, you don’t know what you’re missing.  I’ll review a few of the specific podcasts in later blogs.




2 responses

17 09 2009

What do you use to listen to podcasts? My first thought is to use WinAmp, but I’d like an application that holds the podcasts inline and waits for me to read them, sort of like an RSS Feed.

18 09 2009

I’m an old-fashioned sort. I use iTunes. Most are automatically formatted to remember where you paused them and will re-start at that point automatically.
I simply download to my iPod and listen either on long journeys or when I’m at the gym. I rarely (if ever) listen to music on my iPod, I have days worth of RPG podcasts to get through.
I’ve just linked to a ‘new’ one. It’s the Wolfgang Baur Open Directory podcast. It appears to be about game design – but I haven’t heard any yet. There are 12 episodes so far.
I am currently up to Ep 71 of 3.5 Private Sanctuary (and it’s up to episode 88 in real-time).

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