Add PbP’s to the list

5 10 2009

ROTR BOFor any fans of the British TV series The Fast Show – “In’t technology brilliant!”

 For the rest of you – Isn’t technology brilliant.”  (Like most humour, you have to have seen it for it to work).

As well as playing my first game in over xyz years, and GMing after only a handful of sessions back, I’m now a Play By Post GM!

It’s different.  As is playing as a PC by posting.  At least it is for me.

The lack of interaction makes it feel a bit like being in a play.  I’m not sure which lines are mine – and I don’t want to steal anyone’s limelight.

Am I enjoying the experience?  Yes.  How much?  I’m honestly not sure, but I’ll blog again on the subject after a week or so of more gaming.




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5 10 2009


Sorry for the off-topic post, but I’m a new reader of your blog and I would greatly like to follow it with my RSS feed reader (I have lots of good RPG websites and blogs in it and I want to add yours).

I can’t find any contact information elesewhere on your blog, so I used this section!

Thanks in advance.


6 10 2009

I’m not sure what information you need. I’ve scanned the WordPress site but I’m not sure how to add the RSS feed.
I’ll keep trying.

6 10 2009


To Subscribe to Blog RSS Feed:

1. Open up your RSS Reader (Google Reader, for example)
2. Click ‘Add a Subscription’
3. You will be prompted for a feed URL, simply copy and paste this URL:
4. You’re all set! Now you can follow this blog from your RSS reader!

Let me know if it works…

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