Character creation does it for me

1 11 2010

We al have aspects of role-playing that are the bits we can’t do without. For me it’s the very beginning.
I’m someone who could spend hours just rolling up new characters. I bought Twilight 2000 just for the character creation. So, which RPG has the best system for the all important aspect of rolling up a new character?
Well I have to admit I don’t have a favourite. It’s like asking a parent which of their children they like best. I like so man and for different reasons.
I love all the random charts of games like Warhammer – although I admit that forcing a player to use a character that doesn’t resonate or work is plain stupid.
I love tweaking the options for dice rolls, considering the way to develop great characters and recreating characters from films and books.
Why do I love character creation? I don’t really know. But then, I don’t care. Is it the best part of role-playing? Again, it matters little to me.
So, to return to the original question, which game has the best character creation?
I can’t pick one from any of the games I own, but I’d be happy to hear of any that I ought to consider.




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2 11 2010

I enjoy the randomness of BEMCI with the 3d6 for each stat. That always helped me not start out too attached to the character and let me go a little more crazy with things. When you don’t invest too much in the beginning and have a random stat setup you can step outside of your comfort zone and really try some new stuff. Scored a 3 in Charisma? Ugly? Unsettling to be around? You have to fit things around the numbers instead of fitting the numbers around what you think of beforehand. Some people really like tailoring every aspect, but me, I embrace the random.

As much as I dislike point buys, I really love White Wolf’s Adventure! under their Art Haus label. Pulp heroes will always hold a special place in my heart. It was a nice little self-contained book that you could do all manner of fun things with.

2 11 2010
The Red DM

In its day I really liked d6 Star Wars. I really liked how you could make a character in 2 minutes if you needed to, but if you were looking to really tweak a character you could easily spend over an hour.

Other than that, I think my favourite character creation experiences were games that were new to me. There’s something about making your first character for a system that is really magical.

2 11 2010

First time with a system is always fun. Good point.

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