It’s an iPad life for me…

30 12 2011


If excuses had any word value, I’d have written at least three novels in 2011.  Work, family and social activities were the main source – but nothing out of the ordinary I grant you

Of late, a new reason not to write has crept into my life.  An inability to sit at my computer.

To be fair, my number one reason is still a desire to wait for the perfect idea.  I have at least seven novels started but abandoned as a better idea forced its way into my brain and convinced me to start afresh.

But to combat my number two excuse, I have decided to start – and complete – my 2012 novel on my iPad.  It’s not perfect for typing, and I may have to invest in a separate keyboard, but it has a number of benefits:

  1. It is invariably to hand
  2. It doesn’t require me to have to switch on the ‘big’ computer
  3. I can take it with me wherever I go in the house and also kep it with me if Icog out of the house

The big down side is that I tend to write in long periods and the idea of using the iPad will be to write in short bursts.  Will it work?  That’s up for debate but I know that the tried and trusted method has produced a year with precisely zero novels completed.  A tally of one for 2012 would be asignificant improvement.

To keep me honest, I’ll blog and tweet my progress in terms of words per day.  And I’ll use myiPad to do so.




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