Character creation does it for me

1 11 2010

We al have aspects of role-playing that are the bits we can’t do without. For me it’s the very beginning.
I’m someone who could spend hours just rolling up new characters. I bought Twilight 2000 just for the character creation. So, which RPG has the best system for the all important aspect of rolling up a new character?
Well I have to admit I don’t have a favourite. It’s like asking a parent which of their children they like best. I like so man and for different reasons.
I love all the random charts of games like Warhammer – although I admit that forcing a player to use a character that doesn’t resonate or work is plain stupid.
I love tweaking the options for dice rolls, considering the way to develop great characters and recreating characters from films and books.
Why do I love character creation? I don’t really know. But then, I don’t care. Is it the best part of role-playing? Again, it matters little to me.
So, to return to the original question, which game has the best character creation?
I can’t pick one from any of the games I own, but I’d be happy to hear of any that I ought to consider.


An alternate ending

29 10 2010

I’ve just finished watching Iron Man 2 on my iPad. And my point is?
At the end of the credits you are transported to New Mexico. If you haven’t seen the movie I won’t spoil it, but it’s suffice to say that the final scene leaves you wanting more.
And that’s my alternative ending. I’m not advocating a strong clue that the main antagonist isn’t really dead. That’s not only a cliché but is also something that often leaves the players frustrated.
No, I’m suggesting that the final ‘scene’ reveals a clue that could – if the players want to – take them into the next adventure. It could be an item they find at the scene, or dying words or…well you get the idea.